Mentioned in Newsweek, Playboy, Penthouse, C-Span Journal, and in many other prominent news media.

Rated among the top 3 new books in its class at the 1999 Firecracker Alternative Book Awards (FAB) !!!

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Shocking new expose“The most compelling book to date on the effect the drug war has had on families.”

— Michael Simmons, “Reefer Mindless: It’s time to end the
vicious, stupid, losing war on pot.” Penthouse, August 2000.

Shattered Lives: Portraits from America’s Drug War

By the creators of
Human Rights and the Drug War:

Mikki Norris, Chris Conrad and Virginia Resner

© 1998. ISBN 0-9639754-3-9. Paperback. 128 pages, 12 full color pages. Glossy paper stock, laminated cover.

Book Reviews and Testimonials

A wake-up call to every American.

With over 150 photos, you will see the faces and read the compelling true stories of America’s new POWs.

Your image of the Drug War may never be the same…

“The federal agents promised that if I refused to help them gain the information against my husband, they would destroy my life. This they did.” Amy Pofahl, age 37Meet Amy Ralston Pofahl, a victim of overzealous law enforcement. They took her home, her business, her bank savings – even her wedding ring. Now they have her life. Amy is seven years into a 24-year sentence for a crime she did not commit – her estranged husband’s conspiracy to import and manufacture MDMA (ecstasy).

In the name of the Drug War, families are being torn apart, children orphaned, and homes and property seized as first-time, non-violent drug offenders are thrown into U.S. prisons, serving harsh sentences of 10, 20 years and longer.

Learn how we got here, the costs and the statistics, and what can still be done to bring a just end to what has become America’s longest war.

“Shattered Lives might well be the heartbreaking stories of citizens imprisoned by a totalitarian government. Unfortunately, it is instead a vivid description of how the United States destroyed the lives of ordinary people in its ill chosen criminal justice war on drugs.” — Joseph D. McNamara, police chief of San Jose (Ret.), research fellow the Hoover Institution, Stanford University

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