Chris Conrad was involved in a wide variety of political causes leading up to 1988, when he devised the Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp strategy to restore industrial hemp, allow medical use of marijuana and legalize personal adult use, cultivation, sharing and commercial operations. He became the architect of the cannabis reform movement and was, with his wife Mikki Norris, nearly ubiquitous in the cannabis reform movement and present for most of the major steps forward in cannabis reform. By 2010, the movement had become too big for anyone to go to all the events.  

business alliance for commerce in hemp marijuana legalization strategy launched 1988Conrad and Norris were active in the California Hemp Initiative, Proposition 215, Oakland Measure Z, California Senate Bill 420, the six local “lowest law enforcement priority” initiatives, the failed Proposition 19 and the victorious Proposition 64. Meanwhile Conrad was working as a cannabis expert witness in thousands of marijuana cases, being repeatedly cited by California’s appeals and Supreme courts. 

This list links to a few of the organizations and publications  that he has founded or worked with since that time.

Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp

American Hemp Council

Family Council on Drug Awareness

Friends of Proposition 215

Safe Access Now

Cannabis Consumers Campaign

Oakland Civil Liberties Alliance

Friends of Proposition 64

The West Coast Leaf