kyoto-left-logoHemp: Lifeline to the Future

The 2016 forum is based on and entitled after Chris Conrad’s landmark 1993 book about cannabis hemp and, indeed, all things cannabis. Mr. Conrad will join Japan’s First Lady and environmental advocate Akie Abe in speaking at #KyotoHempForum on July 2, 2016. Delegates from around the globe, will gather at KICC (Kyoto International Conference Center), where the Kyoto Protocol was originally signed in 1997 acknowledging our international and planetary responsibilities to the environment and where the 2003 World Water Forum was held, for The First Annual “International Hemp Environmental Forum”, from 10 am – 7 pm, to:
1) Raise awareness of the value of Hemp in comparison to other biomass resources worldwide; while advocating for its legal use and research;
2) Discuss implementation strategies involving Hemp as a sustainable solution;
3) Share Information and Knowledge about Cannabis Hemp with cooperation and compassion;

What author Chris Conrad predicted in his book, “HEMP: Lifeline to The Future” has been realized; especially with the utilization of Hemp in spots of Europe and the Americas. Research and development have advanced, but this is not enough. When the issues are global, the solutions must be global, and solutions that can be implemented worldwide. Chris Conrad has authorized the use of his book title Hemp: Lifeline To The Future as our Inaugural theme and we encourage the presentations of International white papers, both live, and online; that show Hemp as a viable solution and a “Lifeline To The Future”.

This is the reason we will unite in Kyoto on July 2, 2016 and virtually from all around the globe, to discuss solutions and have your voice be heard regardless of affiliation or nation.

The time for Hemp is NOW, not later, when it would be too late.

Each country has its own legal issues and conditions with regard to the cultivation and decortication (fiber processing) of Cannabis Hemp, the plant bearing the scientific designation Cannabis Sativa, L.

Fortunately, we can all be heroes and heroines in our own Heroes’ Journeys for the real truths about Cannabis Hemp. We CAN work together.

We hope to make environmental history in Kyoto, Japan, July 2016, as a continuing way to discuss sustainable solutions throughout the world, encouraging survival of the planet through renewable natural resources, specifically, Cannabis Hemp, as a solution for fuel, fiber, paper, protein, nutrition and medicine; as well as the phytoremediation (using plant growth to clean and restore the environment) of toxic air, water, and soil in contaminated areas of various industrial pollutants of alarming concern that no one seems to want to take responsibility for cleaning up, yet are affecting the worlds’ food and water supplies.

It is important for Hemp to be implemented wherever it is not prohibited, and wherever it is already growing, it must be protected from eradication and its production and usage expanded.

We are honored that this movement starts from this island nation of Japan where we find evidence of the good people having cultivated and used Hemp for over 10,000 years, thus having a lot of experience, knowledge, and wisdom towards the ways of sustainability. It was traditionally used in Sumo sports and hemp seed is used in the rituals for the coronation of the Japanese emperor.

But even here, with such a long history of using it, after a seventy-year-long ban, the people are forgetting all of the knowledge plus the methods and wisdom contained within. For us here locally, the time is NOW, not later. We cannot leave it to the next generation to preserve and archive the Truths of the many uses of the Cannabis Hemp plant, or all of the knowledge may be lost forever.

With new sophisticated ideas and innovative technology combined with traditional knowledge and wisdom towards sustainability, we really can implement Hemp farming and manifest the sustainable future that is offered to us in Chris Conrad’s book “Hemp: Lifeline To The Future.” Information can travel places that the plant itself cannot yet go freely.

Make your plans now to attend. In 2016, The Hemp Future Is Now.