Sean Arenas’ article “Can Cannabis Replace Your Mental Health Prescription” was posted at Playboy. Arena notes that, “Despite the conflicting research, it’s important to never lose sight of the fact that each and every brain is unique and incredibly complex. Mental health treatment is unfortunately not as simple as applying a bandage and waiting for the healing to begin.” Read the full article at this link. Chris Conrad’s excerpts are quoted below.

“Getting trusted advice is critical.”

“We have decades of observational studies and case histories [demonstrating that cannabis has mental health benefits] and now early clinical studies showing that cannabis is a great benefit to trauma survivors,” says Chris Conrad, cannabis expert and author of Hemp for Health. Conrad cites additional reports that establish the mental health benefits of cannabis such as a 2014 study that concludes THC “reduces meth-induced brain damage” and a 2008 study that shows cannabinoids initiate “neonatal milk suckling response,” determining that “cannabis-based medicines should be developed to benefit infant failure to thrive.”

“People often substitute cannabis for anxiety medications and know for themselves if it does the job,” says Conrad. “People who suffer from severe mood swings often find that cannabis modulates their temperament. Likewise, a person who is having depression or anger management issues can often tell when and if cannabis helps them—even if not always how.”

“[Cannabis] gives such a deep, restful sleep and lets you forget the day’s cares and the stressful dreams that otherwise might keep you awake at night,” he says. “Just being rested is good for your mental health.”

Even Conrad recommends caution when replacing mental health medication with cannabis. “A person who is coping with mental health issues is not always the best judge of how cannabis is affecting their behavior. It’s important that the patient has someone they trust who is familiar with their history and will help them monitor its effect on their behavior,” says Conrad. Conrad notes that it’s important to be aware of “one size fits all” cures to things like insomnia: while compounds like CBD oil can supplement your regimen, it’s important to order from suppliers you can trust.

“If one form of cannabis is not working well enough, there are different forms and dosages from high THC macrodosing to CBD microdosing so getting trusted advice is critical.”

From “Can Cannabis Replace Your Mental Health Prescription” by Sean Arenas, April 4, 2019